Friday, April 9, 2010

Time with reference to succession

Concerning Our Daily Routine

"I can't say for certain, but as you read this, I would like you to know
that I have effectively deleted more words than I have successfully

It's strange, living in a Neverland.
I woke today floating.
My sheets fought my soul for a good portion of the morning.
My toes hovered in and out of the duvet as my mind wandered through a
myriad of half asleep ideas and scenarios involving many people that make up my
being and help daily to give some sort of definition to what it is to be a Lost

You see, when we all met, Pan himself was just an idea, a mirage of
what we could be.

what we could do.
My subconsciousness latched onto this very whisper, never really
letting me forget that we found something true.

If I remember correctly, that may be one of the first times I stopped
lying to myself, and started focusing on what lies past the

The design and principles may vary slightly, but the fountain of youth
was not Pan himself, but the embodiment of what he stood for.

Today I floated.
Maybe I flew.

This afternoon I witnessed how my friends laughs helped put winter back
to sleep.

I can count on two hands, but I can't count how much we laugh and smile
while we play.

I can attempt to type this into words, but unless you already know,
then chances are you woke up this morning all grown up.

you may have been left behind.

You see, when I was in bed this morning I heard a call and from what I
can tell....the Lost Boys are gathering.

It can mean only one thing.

Summer is here."

-Brian Pennington

This was written by a good friend of mine, with a few close friends in mind. I mentioned once how the bonds of friendship exist in my little bubble of Greensboro. This, to me, is just another way to say it. And perfectly done, I'd say.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL. I may very well be all grown up (and truly not finding that to be a bad thing), but I remember. I really do.