Friday, January 22, 2010

a crocheting job?

right now, i want a new job. in a new city. in a new state or country. one of these days, ill get my act together. waiting for something to fall in my lap just aint cutting it anymore.

i am so completely ready for summer. i am dying to wear a sun dress with sandals and bare legs. even if i am (always) pale. but as long as it is winter, i will spend my time crafting. i just made this scarf. i wear it wrapped twice so its extra warm. its black and grey because, well, thats all i wear right now..and i realize its nothing special..but sometimes the simple stuff is the best stuff.
Also, i forgot to take pictures of the tacos. ugh, one day ill remember these sorts of things. they were oh, so good though. making your own taco shells REALLY makes a difference. momma taught me that...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wants > needs...

just in case you wondered what was going on in my life...i just adopted a horse. he likes to kiss my boyfriend.

ok, i really dont consider myself to be a very materialistic goes in phases. right now ive been swooning over these jimmy choo eyeglasses (which i will have! i will!) and the other being completely out of my reach..(mulbery alexa bag : 1200$ or so) can a girl catch a break??!

anyway, tonight we are making tacos. i hope i remember to take pictures because ive been terrible with that lately.