Thursday, February 18, 2010

parisians and polenta

today has been a day of dreaming. dreaming of things i will do and see. i think with a Juliette Gréco record playing, its bound to happen. im in the process of teaching myself french, i should probably just get a rosetta stone but this seems to be working so far. if she says anything about silverwear, animals or numbers 1-10, i understand! guess i should plan my trip back to france..

i took this photo over the summer in paris

i guess for now, ill just dream about this sandwich i made yesterday...sundried tomato polenta, vegan mozzarella cheese, avocado (of course), tomato and vegenaise on a kaiser roll fresh from my boyfriends bakery... yummm

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  1. love polenta - never thought of putting it on bread, tho!