Wednesday, February 3, 2010

food comas and frozen toes

so this past weekend it snowed here, and it was glorious.
snow doesnt happen all that often around here so we made sure to take advantage. lots of food eating, couch potatoing (Lord of the Rings series style), and big hill sledding. i realize that im the worst person to have a mostly photo blog as i NEVER remember to take photos! not to mention how badly i need a nice camera.
a few days ago, on the snowiest of all days we made "chicken" biscuits, mashed potatos and gravy, and steamed kale. SO heavy. and SO good.

Also, on a more daily apartment is never clean and my dog and boyfriend are partners in crime in this equation. but what can i do when theyre just so dang cute?!

one more also...I WANT THIS BRA. VPL Beckham bra...85$
ive been into bras lately....


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