Thursday, May 6, 2010

abode, address, apartment, bungalow, cabin, castle

While cruising through my regular blogs and sites, I always end up looking at photos of amazingly interesting and beautiful apartments and houses. Some people really know how to live. My mom raised me knowing a thing or two about design, especially interior, and I'm stuck looking at furniture the same way I do shoes.

Anthropologie. So beautiful. So expensive.

I will find this door one day, and I will live wherever it is.


  1. You will have to live behind that blue door with me, my sweet! That is IN.CRED.I.BLY. Beautiful. I can't tell you how deliriously happy I am to hear you look at interior design blogs. The really good thing about furniture vs shoes is this - you can take a piece of furniture form goodwill or whatever and remake it into something nearly as wonderful as the anthro piece. Unlike shoes. Can't do much DIY with shoes...well I shouldn't say that. YOU could probably do all kinds of DIY with shoes :>)! kbg

  2. And those bookcases give me vertigo.
    Just noticed the picture in your header is gone...

  3. I know this is a little late to comment on this post, but I have to say I love your style. Great taste!